Smile Direct Club Collects Smiles in Times Square!

Tiger Party helped Smile Direct Club made their Times Square Debut in a smiley way! There are estimated around 400,000 tourists visit Times Square everyday. However, it is never easy to capture passersby’s attention among all the dazzling and shimmering billboards. Smile Direct Club hopes the campaign can engage with as many potential customers as possible, but also linked back to Smile Direct Club’s brand message - to make more people smile. Tiger Party’s team of marketers and engineers worked together to bring up a creative and meaningful solution to make its Times Square debut unforgettable.

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Let’s Share SMILES to the World. From past experiences, the best engagement always comes from the simplest interaction. The team designed the concept for every passenger in Times Square whoever saw the message to share their smile to the world through texting.

Texting through cell phones is a very easy responding action and requires minimum steps and techniques. Via SimpleTexting, an online SMS campaign service platform, just use a simple keyword (SDCNYC), everyone can easily text in and share their own smile story, any message that will make people smile. From GOTIGER, the brand manager was able to review all the messages and was able to impose the received user-generated messages on the billboard within just a blink of an eye.

“I smile when I find a street parking.” “When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while.” “New york, NEW YORK!” We received more than 1500 messages like these during the campaign, and more than 300 user-generated content posts were shared with the public on the billboard within 10 short hours. Participants were very excited to see their words of “grinspiration” light up the ABC Supersign and bring more smiles to the world.