Times Square Photo Experience at Disney Store

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” - Andy Warhol

In Times Square, Tiger Party gives you 30 seconds to show your beautiful smile to the world.

To create more engagement and laughter, Tiger Party designed and developed an iPad app for the one and only Times Square Photo Experience, exclusively at Disney Store Times Square. Times Square Photo Experience provides all Disney fans a chance to be on the big screen with their favorite Disney characters.

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While participants stand in front of the giant green screen, Disney Store staff can simply click on this app, open up the camera, and release the shutter. The app will immediately remove the green background of the photo, and add a layer of Disney themed frame. All photos will be shown on the billboard later on that day within the designated time slots of participants’ choice with the chosen Disney theme.

Participants not only earn themselves a chance to be on the Disney billboard with their favorite Disney characters, but also receive a souvenir photo from the package. All steps, from photo-shooting to time-slots scheduling, can be simply accomplished on the Tiger Party customized iPad app.
It has been one year since the Disney photo booth debuted, and Tiger Party has helped more than 1000 participants record their best Times Square Moment. At Tiger Party, we are devoted to creating experiences that people love to talk about.