GOTIGER - Digital Signage System

Tiger Party's forward-looking, tech-centric digital signage software solution for tech-savvy media owners to easily manage interactive advertising, branding, marketing campaigns. Visit to learn more.

Innovative, imaginative, interactive

GOTIGER is an ultra-high performance digital signage software designed for experiential marketing, to enhance communication, and to increase engagement with the audience.

Whether it be an international live stream event, the grand opening night of the Opera, or outdoor yoga in Times Square, GOTIGER can deliver brand messages in the most engaging way and brings a whole new level of customization to social media campaigns.


Our comprehensive platform can support various interactive campaigns including commercial advertising, retail digital signage display, live streaming, art gallery, museum, and financial or experimental events.


So far, GOTIGER has successfully managed over 30,000 ad campaigns, 24/7 year-round in New York’s Time Square, including the annual Time Squares New Year’s Eve countdown event with accuracy, quality, and unlimited "wow" factor.


GOTIGER Key Features

  • Ultra-High Quality: Native 4K @60FPS with Apple lossless ProRes 4444XQ or Uncompressed animation codec

  • 3D Warping Capability: Support any kind of shape and style of LED, Real-time 3D image mapping with web-control capability.

  • Smooth transmission: 60 Gbit/sec Transmission IO for real-time asset management. 

  • No-latency guaranteed real-time broadcasting, accurate down to 1/60 second



From Offline to Online

GOTIGER‘s Moderation Tool is optimized for seamless processing of user-generated content collection, real-time moderation, and instant integration of experiential content to the designated digital signage. Allowing brands to engage with their audience with an unexpected, personable experience they will not forget.



  1. Real-time Social Media Engagement: Efficient User-Generated-Content implementation on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) via hashtags onto your digital signage.

  2. Live Moderation: Operators to instantly moderate content through human analysis, effectively filter out unwanted content such as profanity and competitor hashtags, allowing higher accuracy than algorithmic filtering.

  3. Simple, reliable turnkey solution: A universal Platform that supports Mac OS X, Linux or Windows for the best compatibility and consistency, no additional software to install.



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