Brand New 2022! Let’s get the brands shine

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Since 2009, Tiger Party has been acting as the interactive creative partner for the Times Square DOOH industry. We have, for many years, proudly and resolutely delivered the best and wildest idea toward DOOH imagination.

And, it has been tremendously honored to serve one of the world-class ​(and most famous) New Year’s Eve events, as one of the essential operators and be appointed as the countdown partner for the Times Square Ball Drop celebration event, unique interactive tactics and real-time countdown appeal are the perfect ways to deliver the new year's eve excitement.

Planning and customizing the exclusive DOOH experience that matches with the brands' needs, Tiger Party has successfully delivered creative campaigns that catch people's attention.

From last year, Tiger Party hosted the first-in-history live Presidential interview streaming via Times Square billboards. This year, Tiger Party’s latest technology allowed the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’s show shot, Ryan Secrest interact with the billboard with his gestures; To this year’s, while Secrest’s hand acted as a magic wand, the billboard’s content would instantly make a change with his wave. Tiger Party not only provided the “magic wand” effect, but also helped create and synchronize a brand-sponsored countdown clock for Carnival Cruise on ABC Supersign.

Huge thanks to our partners’ and friends’ support, as well as industry experts who featured us, including Digital Signage Pulse, Digital Signage Today, Billboard Insider, AV Magazine, OOH Today, and who have covered our stories and work in addition to CEO interviews with Media4Growth, Brain.Com and Insite OOH.

As an industry pioneer, Tiger Party has always seen DOOH as a great way for participants to engage with the brand story, and to actually bring the brand and potential customers together.

We are excited to see that creative advertising has now become a trend. We are seeing more and more interactive campaigns with 3D immersive content all over the globe. In 2022, Tiger Party expects to work with bold and creative brands to take these Times Square spectaculars to the next level.