Digital Billboard Consultancy

With a decade worth of experience in the design and software development for digital signage, we provide full turnkey solutions, including design, procuring cost-effective and high-quality LED digital signage, installation, and support.

We design, we install and we support.

Tiger Party New York has been lighting up Times Square billboards and large format digital signages around the world for more than a decade.

Bringing experiential marketing and interactive installation to new heights with Customized LED Signages.


As a leading expert in large format, out of home digital signage services, we combined our technical expertise in hardware and software with the endless possibility of experiential marketing and digital communication. Transforming the way people interact with brands in the public, corporate, and entertainment space.


Digital Signage customed-made for exhibitions, activations, and permanent installation.

Retail Stores and Malls 

Corporate Office Space,


Museums Events

Stadiums, Convention Centers


...and more


Our years of experience have forged long-term partnerships with the top-quality LED digital signage distributors.

We guarantee we provide the most cost-effective and long-lasting product solution in the industry.

Long-term relationships. The best deals. 


Any type of large-format LED signage-- irregular shapes, indoors or outdoors, we have got it covered!

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