Taiwan Tourism

The importance of experiential campaigns in the tourism industry and its social impact is undeniable. Along with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau to help promote Taiwan to the US and global travelers, Tiger Party designed two memorable interactive campaigns to showcase Taiwan’s unique natural and cultural attraction, with a little help of our state-of-the-art technology.

Tiger Party worked closely with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau to deliver the concept of “Hearts of Asia” by engaging with tens of thousands of international travelers in Times Square using VR technology and live streaming interaction.

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#ShowYourHeart Campaign

Ever wonder what someone on the other side of the world might be doing at this exact moment?

Well, for the first time ever, people in New York City and Taipei City - two iconically unique metropolitan cities - were able to connect and interact with each other through a synchronized live streaming event on digital billboards located in their respective cities.

With a 12-hour time difference between the two cities, participants from both countries can make interacting with each other by making a heart shape together with their hands and arm, which sets off a firework effect using promotional videos encouraging people to travel to Taiwan.
#BikeTaiwan Campaign

Taiwan is known for its remarkable natural landscapes with high mountain ridges, valleys, forests, gorges, beaches, as well as remote islands, providing the island with a rich diversity in outdoor activities and site-seeing adventures.

To properly show the world what Taiwan has to offer, another creative experiential campaign was tailored made fo the Taiwan Tourism Bureau using VR, motion-sensing, and AR technologies to bring Taiwan’s natural wonders to New York with an immersive VR biking experience. We showcased three well-known tourist sites such as Jiufen (九份), Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) and Yehliu (野柳) using the highest-quality 5K video, allowing the participants to experience what it will be like to bike in Taiwan.

Additionally, the scenery was also projected on Times Square billboards via AR technology, showing the participants riding through these attractions of Taiwan to all the visitors in Times Square. The #BikeTaiwan experiential campaign demonstrated a captivating and refreshing take on tourism marketing, successfully bringing the wonders of Taiwan to the Big Apple and sparking many participant’s interests to visit Taiwan personally.

Overall, the “Heart of Asia” Campaign allowed people in New York to discover the beautiful, friendly, and delightful side of Taiwanese people.

With strategic social media management, Tiger Party has driven the awareness of the country on @TripToTaiawn Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channel towards global marketing, which achieved a phenomenal result of a total of 21K followers, with over 2.5M impressions and 177K engagements within eight months.

Both digital experiential campaigns conveyed the national image of “Taiwan - Heart of Asia,” as well as achieving a distinguished ROI around 223.6%. According to the monthly statistics from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the monthly visitors from the US who are visiting for pleasure increased by 4.5% QoQ in Q1 2018 to135,606 after the campaign launched.