Pepsi Emoji

As smartphone usage rises, emoji has become one of the most powerful languages in the world, they are now symbols of slang and pop culture, instead of merely icons anymore. In summer 2016, Pepsi introduced the “Pepsimoji” and gave their global fans a new way to #sayitwithpepsi. Pepsi redesigned the bottles with their new Pepsimojis and launched a series of “emojinal” campaigns around the world.

As an interactive agency sits at the intersection of creative exposure, data, and interactive connection, Tiger Party understood the power of immersive and interactive campaigns more than anyone else. As a result, we took emojis into the real world in a unique way when Pepsi kicked off their emojinal campaign in Times Square.

  • #Brand Experience

Tiger Party designed a campaign site for participants to create their personalized Pepsimoji with their own photo. Meanwhile, when users posted the photo on to their open/ public accounts on social media platforms with the designated hashtag “#SayItWithPepsi, it will show up on “Moderation Tool”, a platform that optimized for seamless processing of user-generated content collection, real-time moderation, and instant integration of experiential content to the designated digital signage.

The photo with the brand manager's approval will pop right up onto Times Square Billboards and can be seen by anyone in Times Square. The Pepsi Emojinal activation generated 50K+ organic impression globally, successfully raised fans attention from offline to online.