Don't Miss This Year End: 5 Brilliant Examples For Your Next Holiday Campaigns

The concept of reunion, gathering and love are often emphasized during the holiday season. On the other hand, for some retailers, holiday sales can make up 30% of their total revenue for the year. Thus, the holiday season becomes the most important marketing season of the year.
As a creative solutions agency, Tiger Party believes that when you double the love via interactive campaigns, you DOUBLE the campaign result.
We have selected 5 brilliant examples of interactive / creative holiday campaigns leveraging the holiday spirit to inspire your next campaign.

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1. Goodbye Beetles
Although the Beetle has been appreciated by generations since its debut in the 1930s, the model is taking a bow to make way for the electronic future and environmentalism. On NYE 2020, Tiger Party used our unique no-latency guaranteed technology to synchronize Volkswagen’s countdown clock with the Times Square Ball Drop, and featured the 90-second animation “The Last Mile” on the billboard for the audience to remember this classic model. The arrival of the new year reflected the ending of Beetle’s era. When the crowd was waving goodbye to 2019, they were also waving goodbye to the legendary compact model.

2. Times Square Photo Experience
The Times Square Photo Experience at Disney Store welcomes visitors to take pictures with their favorite character and share their happiness with everyone on the crossroads of the world! Times Square Photo Experience provides the visitors from all over the world who came all the way to Times Square an excellent opportunity to share their unique Times Square moment with the world. Seeing yourself popping up on the giant Disney billboard with their loved ones and their favorite Disney characters is definitely a highlight for your trip to New York. This interactive campaign not only helps advertise Disney’s latest movies but also increases customers' in-store dwell time.

3. Coke: Share a White Christmas
The holidays are all about loving and sharing, Coca-cola surely knows this well. In this Christmas campaign, people in two different countries with different temperatures were able to witness a white Christmas together through the act of “sharing.” When the participants in Finland (-10°C and snowy) shovel snow into the Coke-machine, it automatically connected to the other machine located across the globe in Singapore (where people celebrate Christmas in a 29°C warm winter) will pop up white foam that looked just like snow. It is very rare for Singaporeans to celebrate a snowy Christmas so the participants were overjoyed when they saw the “snow” coming out of the machine. Participants in both locations will be able to see, interact, and share free coca-cola drink through the monitors on the machines. As more than 80000 people participated in this campaign and interacted face-to-face, this interactive experience not only brought more joy and laughter to the world, but also showed a positive brand image.

4. WestJet Christmas Miracle
In this year’s Christmas campaign, WestJet had a miracle planned for the lucky passengers who scanned their boarding pass and wished upon Santa. WestJet set up an interactive TV wall at the lounge where the passengers can have their passes scanned and interact with the Santa that appeared on the screen. The Santa was live-broasted from another room and would ask the participants what gift they would like for this Christmas. The WestJet crew took notes while the passengers were having great talks with the Santa without knowing what they wished for might just appear right in front of them after they landed. As the passengers were boarded for their flights, the crew got ready to shop, wrap and send the gifts to the airport they were about to land. Once the passengers arrived at the airport, it was the gifts that they wished for earlier waiting for them on the luggage carousel. Some bursted into tears while some could not stop laughing as they saw the gifts and realized that the Christmas miracles do happen. The video now has over 49 million views on Youtube.

5. REVLON Love is On in Times Square
The holiday season is a season of loving and united. To celebrate the holidays, Revlon launched this global campaign and welcomed people from everywhere all over the world to participate sharing their photo and message to be projected on an interactive billboard in Times Squarewith the social media hashtag #LOVEISON. Asides from social media linkage, there was also a live-feed camera capturing on-site participants and sharing their unique Times Square loving moments on the billboard. Participants were excited to see themselves popping up on a giant billboard in Times Square. This campaign not only shared love in this special season, but also became a success PR for their new product line.

Research shows that dynamic / interactive contents on DOOH screens are 5 times more engaging than static content. From our 12 years of interactive agency experience in Times Square, we realized that the exposure time is no longer the most important factor for the crowd to pay attention to your advertisement. Increasing engagement is the key to capturing people’s eyes. Participants increase awareness and build affinity toward the brand through interactive experiences. When participants take pictures or record the interactive content and share it on their social media, it becomes viral free publicity for more people to see and get to know your brand.