Brandstanders x Tiger Party

For the past 11 years, we’ve seen how next-gen talent can help make the world better.

This Spring, Tiger Party is very honored to receive the invitation to work with the Brandstanders, a student-run agency,
composed of students with different majors, interests and specialties, overseen by Dr. James Wyckoff and Professor Julia Price at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).

This meaningful collaboration between education and industry provides the students with an excellent opportunity to learn from the field at a young age.
On the other hand, the students provide their youth culture and fresh, innovative ideas in return.
Thus, it results in a win-win and successful partnership for the Brandstanders and Tiger Party.

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With large exposure to multimedia and the internet for almost their entire life,
Generation Z has a lot of creative ideas and fresh minds and they know how to think outside of a box.
This kind of fresh and young insights from an outsider is exactly what Tiger Party needs.
The Brandstanders team set out objectives to increase Tiger Party’s exposure to media outlets.
To achieve their goal, the team identified a list of media contacts, helped Tiger Party create and identify unique and trendy hashtags for social media, redesigned Tiger Party’s logo and produced an interview video featuring Tiger Party’s co-founder / CEO, Rafale.
Rafale was delighted to be invited as guest speaker to one of their online gala to share his Times Square experiences with the students.

“Working with Tiger Party gave me a truly in-depth learning experience, where I was able to learn about strategic marketing.
There was a constant flow of ideas that came to my mind while developing those strategies as I saw a lot of potential in the company’s model”, said Ekta Bhagia, the student group leader.

“The chance to work with a leader in digital brand activation is perfect for our student-run branding agency.” -- said Dr. Wyckoff, co-founder of “Brandstanders”

“The opportunity to communicate with companies in this area allows us to access and learn a lot of new knowledge.” -- shared Shihan, one of the Tiger team members.

“I really enjoyed our partnership. Thank you!” -- Shaobo, Tiger team member.

Although COVID-19 has hugely impacted the students’ course schedule throughout this semester,
the Brandstanders team is still very devoted to the jobs that they were assigned to.
The team meets weekly online, and are keeping up with all their assignments and deadlines.
Tiger Party couldn’t be prouder to be able to play a part in the education-industry partnership to nurture the next generation talents.