Tiger Party x SOGO Department Store

Tiger Party is happy to debut their new digital signage software product, GOTIGER,
while partnering with SOGO department store, one of the largest retailers in Taiwan.
GOTIGER is an interactive digital signage management software, specially designed for global DOOH owners.
During the pandemic period, Tiger Party designed the “Living Matters” interactive experience,
hoping to raise the awareness of living issues, not only of human but also of the species who live on this globe.
Throughout the giant billboard in the center of Taipei, people got the chance to learn the difficult situation of endangered species.

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Tiger Party selected 6 endangered species, including polar bears, Saiga antelope, Taiwan Leopard and more.
When the participants stop and stare at the giant billboard in front of SOGO department store,
the featured animal animation immediately inverts colors. In this pandemic, masks become essential.

Therefore, in this campaign, we chose to use brow ridge tracking technology instead of facial detection.
Once GOTIGER detects brow ridge, the visual immediately invert to alert the participants with the upcoming message which indicates the number left on this planet of this specific species.
In this post-pandemic era, Tiger Party hopes to deliver the “Living Matters” message and help more people understand the difficult situation of the endangered species through GOTIGER’s interactive features.

On the event day, we welcomed more than 100 guests to interact with the billboard within one hour.
Rafale Chang, CEO of Tiger Party and GOTIGER, shared that he is “happy to see that the media owners are taking the advantage of GOTIGER’s innovative interactive features, expanding the value of creative content, and our team is happy to play a small part in environmental protection.”

Rafale also points out that when GOTIGER is applied in commercial spaces, like department stores,
can increase customer dwell time and maximise customer spend.