7-Eleven Next Gen Concept Store

The international convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, wanted to give its customer a next-level convenience shopping experience with a more personalized touch through the first-ever 7-Eleven Next Generation stores in Manhattan and Chicago.

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When a customer enters a 7-Eleven Next Generation store, the system will detect the customer’s profile and provide information specifically for the customer, based on their shopping habits and preferences.
Customers can also interact with the digital screens to browse menus and self-order or view in-store promotions.
It is a harmonious user experience that is relevant to each section of the store and also allows 7-Eleven to update content as frequently as needed.

Our Key Considerations:
- Adequate font size
- Use of image vs. text
- Menu items relevant to the time of the day
- Clear price and calorie information

Tiger Party Deliverables:
1. Digital Menu Board
The Digital Menu Board consists of 3 HD side by side displays.
The menu and promotional items change based on the time of day.

2. Exterior & Interior Promo Screen
The purpose of this exterior promo screen is to attract and engage with passing pedestrians.
It also provides friendly and useful information for the neighborhood.
Some promotional spots are animated while others are static.

3. Kiosk Self-ordering System
The self-order kiosk interface is built on top of an NCR system.
A customer can order any available food items prepared on the premises.
Because of the vast variety of items, the design focus is to guide the user through a clear and simple process while presenting relevant options for them to choose from.

4. Seating Area Promo Screen

Tiger Party also provides creative concepts to help enrich customer engagement in the store.
For example, a Pastry Race game utilizing Websockets technology and a "tweet to vote" survey that allows customers vote for their favorite food, snack, sport teams and more.
Visuals dynamically update based on the latest voting statistics.