The company behind the world’s most watched countdown: Times Square New Year Ball Drop

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The Times Square Ball Drop countdown is not only a major global attraction but also a New Year’s tradition to many people. Thousands of people buy tickets for the New Year Eve’s Ball Drop party, and millions watch it live on TV and online.

Most spectators take it for granted when they see a clock counting down the time to the moment when one year ends and another begins. However, professionals know how much science and state-of-the art technology are involved in this.

In previous years, malfunctions in countdown and synchronisation caused awkward moments and disruptions in some cities around the world, including monetary damage. But not in Times Square.

For the past 11 years, the Ball Drop countdowns have been happening without a hitch, thanks to Tiger Party – the ad tech company behind some of the most memorable DOOH campaigns in Times Square.

Since 2010, the Tiger Party team has been managing the countdown clock and synchronizing 38 of Time Square's largest billboards, with the accuracy of up to 1/60 of a second.

The company is also responsible for complex screen management, allowing producers of the New Year Ball Drop event to switch from scheduled content to live-streaming at any point.

The New Year’s Eve content playback is only a small part of the functionality Tiger Party provides for DOOH networks in Times Square.

Tiger Party has been executing famous campaigns on the most spectacular billboards in the world, such as the ABC Supersign, One Times Square, NASDAQ Sign, Disney Spectacular, American Eagle, the Reuters and Marriott signs, and more.

Tiger Party’s proprietary software GOTIGER ensures a 4K lossless quality playback and enables every type of interactivity for Times Square campaigns.

According to Tiger Party CEO Rafale Chang, the company introduced many tech innovations in DOOH advertising. Among other things, Tiger Party was:

• the first one to provide 3D warping for irregular shaped billboards in Times Square
• the first one to enable interactive feed playback in Times Square with a high level of data security.
• the first one to fully support 4K lossless 60FPS content to deliver the stunning visual quality in Times Square.

The status of OOH inventory in Times Square is often seen as a barometer for the industry, and this year, the New Year’s Eve ad spots are sold faster than ever before, almost 1.5 months ahead. The top sponsors of this year's event include gym-giant Planet Fitness, Carnival Cruise Line, and Kia Corporation.

As the Omicron variant spreads globally, London, Paris, and Shibuya's New Year's Eve countdown events were canceled. In New York, the Times Square Ball Drop celebration is still planned to take place, although it will be 'scaled back'.

And, as usual, Tiger Party is ready to make the Ball Drop countdown happen.

Tiger Party is a dynamic DOOH campaign execution company. Tiger Party specializes in commercial spectacular, creating DOOH campaigns of any complexity and interactivity, on any type of screens, including giant and irregular-shaped digital billboards.

Tiger Party’s proprietary software platform, GOTIGER is a DOOH network management system that powers spectacular billboards, from day-to-day operations to ad sales and campaign reporting.