Alexander McQueen Times Square Takeover

Have you seen a 360-degree view of the London skyline in New York’s Times Square? In collaboration with the fashion brand, Alexander McQueen, we made it happen!

In this campaign, we helped Alexander McQueen take over Times Square by using GOTIGER’s leading technology to live-stream their #McQueenSS22 show from London on Times Square billboards. This activation took over more than 10 iconic Times Square billboards, including the ABC Supersign, One Times Square, NASDAQ Sign, Disney Spectacular, American Eagle and the Reuters and Marriott Sign.

  • #Brand Experience
  • #Creative

Tiger Party not only helped stream the fashion show with our exclusive no-latency-guaranteed technology, we were also responsible for synchronizing those billboards. All Times Square billboards were operated by different media agencies via different digital signage software. When a take-over campaign takes place, GOTIGER is able to take over those billboards operated by other agencies to make sure the same content appears on different screens at the exact same time. This is not the first time that Tiger Party has tried to live-stream cross-country events. Back in 2018, we have successfully synchronized billboards in New York and Taipei, with a 12-hours time difference.

Tiger Party is always proud to be a vendor member for the past 12 years in the Times Square community and offer a variety of technical support and interactive solutions to global brands and their campaigns. We are so glad that people are swarming back to Times Square as most COVID restrictions are lifted. According to the MAGNA global advertising forecast, ad spending in the US is expected to reach an all-time high of 256 billion in 2021. We are also very optimistic about the advertising market in the upcoming year and we look forward to helping more brands activate their interactive campaign in Times Square in 2022.