Bank of America

Bank of America wanted a more interactive way to connect with their valued customers.
Tiger Party helped install the Bank of America billboard sign in Times Square by providing specs and requirements to create more engagement.
Additionally, Tiger Party installed the hardware, developed a service landing page, and provided monthly usage reports for a WiFi at the sign.

  • #Brand Experience
  • #Bespoke Software

Our Key Considerations
- Display screen size at different locations
- Dynamic content should reflect the branch location
- Animation and content should be optimized for speed and performance
- All spots should accommodate the player system
- Alert system to prevent displaying false information

- HTML/CSS Javascript
- Default screen for any feed complication fall back

1. Social DCN (Data Communication Network)
To connect Bank of America customers, a Twitter feed spot shows the latest updates from users.
The spot dynamically adjusts to the length of the tweet.

2. HELOC Rate Board
The Rate Boards display the current banking rates offered at Bank of America.
The rates differ by state and must be updated and reviewed quickly to ensure the board is always presenting accurate numbers.

3. Holiday Hunger Donation Plan
Twitter feeds dynamically populate the content in this spot.
Content and functionality were updated every time the spot was used.

4. Traffic Info
Real-time traffic information is provided showing location-specific updates.
The background image changes based on the time of day.

5.Chicago Marathon Campaign
In supporting the Chicago Marathon, a countdown spot was created as well as a twitter feed display showing the latest 3 tweets.

6. Nike RED Campaign
Co-sponsoring with NIKE, Bank of America encourages donations toward the (RED) Campaign.
This is a twitter feed spot displaying the latest related tweet, meanwhile, in Times Square,
the Bank of America Billboard features a video ad showing the current fundraising status.