Winter Olympics Games 2022 & LED application

Beijing has officially become the first city that has ever hosted both summer and winter Olympics Games after the 12th Winter Olympics opened earlier this February.
The Winter Olympics 2022 features not only astonishing sports but cutting-edge technologies. In the Opening ceremony, the 11000 sq-meter floor LED display, the 1200 sq-meter ice waterfall LED display and a 600 sq-meter of Ice Cube LED display immediately became a trending topic in the industry.

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LED displays were chosen over OLED displays for the two main reasons: the reduced cost and the reliability. OLED displays are simply more expensive and are not as reliable as LED displays at these massive scales. From Tiger Party’s past experiences, while hosting huge events like the Times Square’s NYE countdown or even the Olympics Games, reliability, visual performance and stability of the installation are the keys to a successful event.

What caught everyone’s attention is that the "engraving" of the Olympic rings on the Ice Cube LED displays was produced by a combination of laser beams and 3D content on the Ice Cube LED display. 3D content has become very popular among the DOOH industry and we have been seeing more and more cases globally.

LED displays are a stable and mature product to be supplied at massive scales and creates endless possibilities for DOOH. With a reliable digital signage software, creativity is your only limit to showcase a spectacular digital performance. 3D DOOH has become a trend, and some of the most popular and highly praised creative brand campaigns are applications of this 3D technology, including the 3D cat advertising in Tokyo, where a giant 3D cat jumps from one billboard to another.

Choosing a very stable and reliable software is the key to host a successful event.
Tiger Party’s next generation software product GOTIGER is designed to support creative advertisements and interactive performances and events like these. With the team’s 12-year-experience managing Times Square billboards 24/365, the team has developed a very stable and reliable digital signage software that is capable of supporting large live events in the most interactive way. From 3D display to AR / VR campaign, GOTIGER is equipped with all the tools to build your interactive DOOH campaigns.