Tiger Party Spreads Love with Interactive DOOH Valentine’s Day Showcase at ISE 2020

Tiger Party is attending ISE 2020 for the very first time with its business partner, OPTO TECH Corporation to showcase the new product, GOTIGER, a brand new signage management system. This time, GOTIGER is integrated with OPTO’s LED Transparent displays and rental LED solution at booth 8-K395 to demonstrate Tiger Party’s interactive content, celebrating Valentine’s day with global exhibitors through a motion-detection camera.

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With state of the art engineering, GOTIGER enables digital display owners to link multi-displays to show creative content. GOTIGER features innovative functions, including displaying images, videos, live streaming, and interactive content on flat/curved/waved digital billboards; interactions can be even strengthened with VR and AR technologies.
In addition, GOTIGER can interconnect with any billboards with its synchronization feature, allowing billboard owners to deliver creative, interactive content on two different billboards, even across the globe, through motion detection; each billboard’s audience can interact together just fine.

Tiger Party has been operating five digital billboards in Times Square for more than 10 years. They are all world-famous brands, ABC Supersign, Disney Spectacular, American Eagles, Express, and Bank of America Sign. The application of GOTIGER is not limited to large digital billboards at Times Square; it can also be implemented on small-scale LED displays such as those in retail stores, museum exhibitions, and commercial buildings.