W. L. Gore Capabilities Center

W.L. Gore, owner of the waterproof and breathable fabric, Gore-Tex, wanted to give their buyers a whole new experience of immersive exhibit technology while showcasing their IP contents.
This is when Tiger Party stepped in and teamed up with Diversified to tell W.L. Gore’s story of innovation, integrity, and teamwork through immersive exhibition.

  • #Brand Experience

Tiger Party supported high-end signage software solution- GOTIGER, towards all the interactive touch displays at the Capabilities Center. Through the Live Control Function in the system, visitors can explore the full brand video with a simple clip, the content will immediately bounce to another interactive interface, with no latency or loading time. In addition, GOTIGER enables seamless, 4K video to be displayed on site.

The upgraded GORE Capabilities center is now officially launched in Barksdale, Delaware, and has caught people’s attention with cutting-edge technology.