Rafale Chang

CEO at Tiger Party

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After obtaining two engineer degrees in Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Rafale founded Tiger Party New York in 2009. With a solid technical background and strong business acumen, Rafale successfully leads extraordinary growth in an interactive solution of DOOH business in Times Square. By closing the gap between the audience and a brand’s creative advertising campaigns, his business empire at has since expanded from digital space in Times Square New York to an interactive agency.

All these rely on skillfully leveraging the Tiger system on ABC Supersign and other digital billboards, to produce content display system that provide more flexible, customized, and interactive advertisements. With in-house team, Tiger Party helps aspiring brands to further engage potential customers with big data analytics, and also provides effective tools for global marketers to formulate successful marketing strategies. 

To his team, Rafale is a natural-born leader with a distinctive style. In addition to DOOH and the interactive solution business, he is also working closely with the United Nations and the World Bank Group to develop an exclusive ERP system to support developing countries on monitoring infrastructure projects.

Rafale Chang's portrait