What to do in Times Square, excepts the Broadway Shows

Times Square is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Over 130 million visitors flocked into Times Square every year. Even during the pandemic in 2020, there were still over 125,000 pedestrians entering Times Square every day.
So what’s so special about Times Square? As one of the Times Square insiders, let us show you what you shouldn't miss out in this very special area.

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1. Times Square NYE Countdown:
The Times Square ball-drop is a beloved new year tradition in the city– and seeing it in person is on many people’s to-do lists. Speaking as an essential vendor of the annual NYE countdown event, we’d say there’s no better way to wave goodbye to the previous year than seeing the ball-drop in Times Square. Every year, thousands of hundreds of people swarm into Times Square in hope to celebrate the new year in person. Although you might be stuck in the cold all day before midnight arrives, fireworks celebrations, the super artists with the best performance show, those moments till the ball drops with confetti all over the sky, it was all worth it.

2. A Times Square Billboard Proposal:
If you are traveling to Times Square with your loved one, this is something you can consider… if you are ready to tap into a new chapter together.

When you are so deeply in love and could not wait to share it with the world, a Times Square billboard proposal is definitely the best proposal idea you can find in NYC. To pop the most important question of your life to your significant other on a giant Times Square billboard would definitely surprise your love.

To choose from the iconic curvy-shaped ABC spectacular billboard or the happily ever after Disney store billboard, you can either display a 6-minute proposal video or a slideshow of your photo album with a personalized proposal message to surprise your loved one. You can also hire flash mob dancers and a professional secret photographer to record the big moment to make the experience even more memorable when you decide to take a big step together from the crossroads of the world.

3. Being featured on a Times Square billboard - for as low as $25!

Not yet ready to propose or being proposed, no worries, there are still other ways to be featured on a billboard.
Try this: Visit Times Square Disney Store to experience the exclusive Disney Store Photo Booth Experience, which is one of the best ways to be featured on a Times Square billboard.

It allows you to take a photo in the Times Square Disney store with your favorite Disney character, and choose an available time for your photo to be shown on the billboard, and simply wait in front of the billboard at the chosen time for your photo to pop up on the giant screen.

Warm reminder: prepare some of the props, make unforgettable memories with extra surprises.

4. A Personalized Billboard Message:
Too shy to show your face on the billboard but still got something to say out loud? Don’t worry, you can say it on a billboard. Whether it be a personal celebration for birthday, retirement, engagement, announcing the arrival of a new born baby, or to show your support to your favorite sports team or celebrities by sharing your joy and excitement with the city through the billboard in either video or photo format.

5. Pride Month
People say that Times Square is a symbol of the American spirit. Liberty and quality are the foundation of American spirit. Every year in June, millions of people from across the globe come into Times Square to celebrate Pride Month, in support of love, liberty and equality. This has become one of the biggest events in Times Square throughout the year.